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  Max Angus SWLA   

Max Angus is a member of The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) and has also been appointed as Treasurer for the Society. The SWLA is one of the art societies represented by the Federation of British Artists (FBA), The Mall Galleries, London. 


Max: “My work is often inspired by the everyday environment around me. I maintain a sketchbook with copious amounts of scrap paper. The limited detail captured with a pencil is just enough for the outlines for the linocuts. In my studio, the sketches are put together to create a composition that I feel represents the movement of the subject, the weather or what I can remember of that time.”

‘The Red list – Willow Tits’ 

Last year Max Angus was invited by The British Trust of Ornithology (BTO), based at Thetford, to create a new linocut of a Willow tit for a project based on the sixty-seven birds on the BTO’s Red List. The book is called ‘Red Sixty-Seven’. The sixty-seven endangered birds are represented by 67 writers and artists.


Please contact us should you be interested in purchasing this framed print. 

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