Penny Berry Paterson 

A Thorgill Year

The Standard Edition which

is hand-sewn “cut-flush into board covers” style, with a jacket, has 47 copies. 


Price: £55.00 each

(Plus post & packing)


The De-luxe option, in “edition cloth case” style, with linocut printed end-papers and  printed front cover label in a blind-blocked recess, has 53 copies.


Price: £80.00 each

(Plus post & packing)

Each book is numbered

and signed by both Poet

and Artist. There are very

few copies left of this

highly collectable item.


“A THORGILL YEAR” is in essence an almanac of twelve poems by Wes Magee, a former primary school head teacher who has been a full-time award-winning author since 1990 with over 100 wide-ranging titles to his name. Each verse illuminates one month of the year, as experienced by him in Thorgill, a very remote hamlet in Rosedale on the North Yorkshire moors.

The poems are accompanied by lino-cut illustrations, many in colour, by Penny Berry, an established East Anglian printmaker, and author and illustrator of “Bricks”, a previous Pullet Press title. Her work is shown widely and held in public and private collections.

Poet and artist were first brought together for Wes Magee’s collection of poems “Starfall”, published by Julius Stafford Baker at his Happy Dragons’ Press, as part of his “New Garland” series which evolved when he inherited the production, literary editor and poets of the late Roy Lewis’s Keepsake Press. 

“A Thorgill Year” is entirely hand-set in Monotype “Blado Italic” Series 119, printed letterpress at the Happy Dragons’ Press on a hand-fed ca.1900 “Kobold” treadle platen press housed in a very small garage in the garden. Justin Knopp of “Typoretum” assisted in printing the November illustration and end-papers.  The book’s format is Crown Quarto, 10” X 8”, and the material is Bockingford mill’s mouldmade 200gsm “Heritage”. The hardback copies are hand-sewn and bound by Heather Dewick. The illustrations are printed directly from the artist’s own hand-cut blocks, with her supervision and assistance.