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Wormingford Oak Tree

Updated: Jan 26

The 'Coast’ exhibition in the summer of 2023 at Mill Tye Gallery, did coincidentally sparked a lot of interest in Noel Myles ‘still films of Oak Trees’ that was on the ground floor of the Mill Tye Gallery.

Young girl holding a print of Noel Myles Wormingford Oak Tree
Wormingford Oak Tree by Noel Myles

‘Wormingford Oak’, part of this collection, generated significant interest. A platinum copy is currently part of the National Collection housed at the V&A Museum. It has previously been on show in one of the Summer Exhibition's at the Royal Academy, as well as Gainsborough’s House when Noel had a one-man exhibition.

The tree itself grows just outside the Wormingford home of the English writer, Ronald Blythe, who wrote about the oak and surrounding countryside in his record of Wormingford throughout the changing seasons.

Mill Tye Gallery has produced an exclusive edition of ten permanent pigment prints of 'Wormingford Oak', and only three remain on sale.

It's on show in the gallery and can be viewed on the Mill Tye Gallery website under Noel Myles.

For more details go to Noel's page...

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