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 Andy Lovell 

Andy Lovell is an artist, illustrator and printmaker who has become known for his abstract etchings, mono-prints and cyanotype art. Having originally studied at the Liverpool School of Art and Design, his work is well recognised and his individuality produces striking artwork. 


Andy takes inspiration from life which is then revisited through the medium of print. He takes original sketches and paintings and is able to capture the real sense of mood and place from when he first visited. 


Andy: “I love to experiment with different print crafts – from lithographs and silkscreen to mono-print and cyanotype prints. I’m looking forward to taking my work to Suffolk to display my latest prints at the Mill Tye Gallery.” 

A selection of Andy Lovell's screen prints are available to purchase from the Mill Tye Gallery. Please contact us for more information or a private viewing.

Watch Andy as he makes
a Monotype Print...

Andy Lovell’s work feeds off his love of the British landscape, whether land sea or city. His paintings, made on location, evolve and develop back in the studio, emerging as silkscreen prints and monotypes that reflect the essence of that place as seen from Andy’s point of view. 


The two very different processes offer contrasting characteristics that inform the final image; deep, rich, tonally nuanced prints with monotypes as opposed to a flatter, more textural and simplified image with silkscreen prints.

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