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Customer reviews..

Alison Kenny

‘I have done a couple of the photography course at the Mill Tye Gallery with Jackie Mellor. A beautiful location provides lots of light and space for Jackie’s informative sessions. Limited numbers and Jackie’s warmth and fun made the experience very enjoyable. I joined the Mill Tye Shoot and Share group during Lockdown. This kept me sane! I love being part of the group, posting photos and getting constructive criticism from Jackie and other members. We worked on some projects and I have learnt so much. I love the interaction, the comments, the gentle humour and being able to share other people’s work.’

Rebecca J Mansbridge

I learnt so much when I did the Beginners course. I came away with so much more confidence when using my SLR camera. This and the support and advice within the Mill Tye Shoot & Shoot Facebook group has both improved my photography skills and meant I am really enjoying photography again and enjoying learning and exploring what I can do with the camera.

Dave Rowland

‘Having recently retired I decided to get back into photography after a lapse of around 40 years. After a little research I found that technology had moved onto digital from the film that I had previously employed. As a result, I felt I needed to be brought up to date. I knew Jackie was a photographer and approached her for guidance on this subject. As it would happen Jackie was looking to put together an “Introduction to Photography” workshop. 


The introduction workshop provided help and guidance in the operation of your camera from first principles. An overview of all the major items to consider when capturing images and how to set up your camera.


Following on from the introduction workshop, a series of more detailed ”Getting into Photography” workshops were run, over a six-week period, with each week’s workshop concentrating on a particular aspect of this great hobby. 


Being a professional photographer, Jackie is able to provide real world guidance on what works and what doesn’t. I was particularly impressed with her level of knowledge across different manufacturers equipment. 


We had great fun exploring specific aspects each week. Jackie is very creative and is able to find interesting ways to illustrate the various areas in covered each week. Exploring shutter speed with moving objects – we had a willing cyclist as subject – really got the point across. Being a technical person, I found the artistic modules most interesting as this is an area I need to concentrate on improving, Jackie really helped me a lot with this. We were also fortunate to have various artists visiting as well as participating in the workshops to offer further insights into this aspect.


Over the six weeks we covered all aspects of photography from subject consideration and selecting the right location to shoot together with equipment needed and environmental considerations, all the way through to post production editing to produce a final professional image. 


In summary Jackie has a wealth of experience in all aspects of photography and is able to impart this knowledge in a straightforward easy to understand way. Her manner and style make attendance at her workshops a real pleasure and I am now putting what I’ve learned into practice to good effect.


The setting of The Mill Tye Gallery is an outstanding location and very conducive to the learning experience.’

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