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Exhibition Explorers at the Mill Tye Gallery

It was Molly and Eva’s second visit to the Mill Tye Gallery. They had fun exploring the exhibition with Jackie Mellor from Just Jaq Photography, taking a closer look at the exhibition and using their maths and interviewing skills to gain further insight into the working life of an artist.

This weekend Molly and Eva were set the challenge of becoming gallery explorers, using their detective and maths skills, and interviewing techniques to find out about the working life of an artist.

They counted how many artworks were on display in Alison’s exhibition, looked for the most expensive and the least expensive artwork, calculated how much all of the pieces were worth and then interviewed the artist to find out the cost of her materials, studio and the time spent creating her artwork. They worked out an hourly rate of pay based on all of the work selling in the exhibition and considered who the perfect customer would be to buy the work. At the end of the activity the girls realised that artists are multi-skilled, often work very long hours and have to be passionate about what they do and dedicated to their practice. Jackie and the girls had a lot of fun exploring the exhibition.

We are looking forward to seeing them on their third visit to Mill Tye Gallery very soon.

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