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Printmaking at the Mill Tye Gallery with Hannah Farthing

Local Printmaker and Illustrator, Hannah Farthing joined us at Mill Tye Gallery for a workshops where she demonstrated

letter press and linocut printmaking techniques. This family friendly session was so much fun and appreciated by visitors of all ages.

This Spring Hannah will return to Mill Tye Gallery to offer some one and two day workshops for young people and adults.

Go to the courses link to find out more and to book your place.

For those who attended Hannah’s workshop here is a list of materials and equipment that she

recommends if you want to source your own and give it a try at home:

Japanese vinyl and oil based inks from Intaglio Printmaker

Paper - Colorplan from GF Smith

Adana 8 x 5 press from eBay or Caslon

For letterpress printing you will need a chase with furniture and wood or metal type as well as

some other simple tools.

Starter kits are available from Caslon

Happy printing!

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