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April at the Gallery - Essex Salt Marshes and the Suffolk Coastline.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

East Anglia is renowned for its beauty. Huge, open skies. Fields of wheat and barley. Scenic riverbanks. Pockets of ancient woodland.

Then there are the Essex Salt Marshes with their astonishing ecosystems. It is these marshes that are the focus of attention for photographer and artist, Rachel Spender.

“Come to the exhibition ready to be mesmerised,” says Peter. “It’s not just her black and white aerial photography that is so powerful: it’s also the way she interprets the images using traditional hand printing.

“By accentuating certain features of the land and waterscapes, Rachel captures both the wonders and fragilities of these extraordinary salt marshes.”

Rachel Spender

'Coming in to Land'

There is also the Suffolk Coast with its great, grey expanses of sea and beguiling beaches. Walking the shores with his father has been an inspiration for woodworker Jon Warnes with his latest series of vessels.

Says Peter, “Jon’s exquisite pieces also draw on the boundaries of water and land. He uses wood from different tree species in Suffolk, showcasing the natural grain and using any imperfections to create works of beauty.”

Saltmarsh and Walking the Coast

Saltmarsh and Walking the Coast exhibitions

Saturday 9th April to Sunday 29 May 2022.

Gallery open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

For more information and to RSVP go to

Rachel Spender Saltmarsh

Gallery produced special edition prints Digital pigment prints produced exclusively by the Mill Tye Gallery for the Saltmarsh exhibition are available unframed, in an edition of 40, signed and numbered by the artist priced at £84 per print.

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