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Having spent most weekends over the last sixteen years visiting the coast, I have witnessed it through the changing seasons and its various weather cycles. I’ve seen it teeming with visitors during the summer and seemingly abandoned at other times of the year. When I was asked to submit some images for this exhibition we were in the throes of winter and the seaside was only seen by dog walkers and day-to-day workers. For all the other seasonal visitors, the seaside might not even exist beyond the summer, like a Schrodinger’s resort, or like a tree falling in human less forest, what happens to it once no-one is there to see it?

So, I thought I would spruce it up, show an imagined seaside world where the sticks of rock and ice-creams are replaced with a wind-swept magical winter resort. For everyone to see the alternative seaside that happens once the amusement arcades close, and the plastic windmills are packed away for

another year, waiting for the warm weather to reappear. I wanted to give the seaside a new world where in the winter it can release its pent-up colours that it has stored from the long summer season of candy floss and neon lights, a moment where it can breathe and be itself without the demands of the summer visitors. Like a clown removing its make-up after the show and becoming human once again.

Dan Sceats.

Coast. Saturday 8th July.

Take a journey around the shores of the Suffolk and Essex coastline as seen through the eyes of five artists and photographers. A unique exhibition showcases in the art studio at the Mill Tye Gallery.

The exhibition previews

on Saturday 8th July

from 10:30 am to 6pm. Join us for drinks and nibbles from 11am onwards.

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