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“Creating the ‘River Stour’ print” by Beth Knight

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Being a keen walker, I like to be out and about in all weathers seeking inspiration from the Suffolk landscapes around me. Taking in the seasons as they come and go, noticing the details of each plant and animal and the changes in light and weather, I like to try and reflect all these elements in my work to portray the real spirit and feeling of a place.

The River Stour which runs through my local town, Sudbury, is full of picturesque views, so familiar to all the locals. I found my inspiration for this piece whilst walking the river walk near the Mill Tye Gallery on a bright, early Autumn day. The textures in the rustling reeds and the gently flowing water with the meadows beyond captured a view that was distinctively Sudbury, I could just imagine the

flash of a Kingfisher darting past! I took a couple of photos for reference and made a quick sketch just to remind myself of the elements and composition I wanted to recreate when I got home.

Back in my home studio space I started on a more detailed drawing, working out how to create the scene as a lino cut. I traced my drawing to transfer it to the surface of the lino block and then started on the bit I enjoy most – the carving! Using very fine ‘Pfeil’ cutting tools I carved into the surface of the lino and carefully removed all the areas I wanted to keep white, cutting around intricate leaf shapes and using different marks to differentiate light and dark areas to create the depth and detail of the scene. I find the cutting process is great for focusing the mind and forgetting distractions, it is quite therapeutic!

The next step was to carry out a few test prints to make any amends and ensure the cut block was printing nicely. A thin layer of printing ink is applied to the surface of the lino using a roller, paper is then laid on to the inked-up surface and I place it in my table top, lever press, applying just the right amount of pressure to transfer the ink to the paper. Peeling back the paper is always exciting, revealing the culmination of all the steps in the process and hopefully capturing the moment that first inspired me!

Beth Knight 'River Stour' Linocut Print £24.00

Hand produced Lino-cut print. Printed on archival premium paper using lightfast ACMI certified inks.

Produced to order only through the Mill Tye Gallery and individually signed and numbered by Beth Knight.

The print is available in a limited edition of 40 Unframed.

Paper size approx. A5 (150 x 200mm)

Image size approx 77 W x 120 H (mm)

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