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Dominic Upson: The experience in the functional

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Dominic’s work is being exhibited in the Gallery from Saturday 18th July – Sunday 22nd November 2020.

Do you have a favourite mug that is your go-to for tea or coffee? Or a bowl that fits a portion size just perfectly? There’s something about the way it sits in your hand, its particular shape, style and look that makes the experience of using the well-crafted piece so much more enjoyable because not only does it look fantastic, it is also practical.

That is exactly what Dominic Upson’s range of pottery allows for: the experience in the functional.

Each bespoke piece has been designed with comfort in mind. Medieval style mugs with a thumb rest at the top of the handle makes for easy holding; soup bowls with handles give the benefit of feeling the warmth of the food; and small dishes provide lots of different functions such as sauce

servings with meals.

Each simplistic design is finished with a glaze that sinks into the small notches in the clay. Deep greens, pale blues and soft whites accentuate the accents formed in the making - and in true hand-crafted style, no piece is the same.

What’s more, the bespoke pieces are made locally to the Gallery in a barn located amongst apple orchards of the Suffolk countryside.

So why not experience the collection for yourself? Come along to the gallery. We are open Saturday and Sunday,

11am-4pm, commencing Saturday 18th July.

To ensure your safety when visiting, we have introduced a 5-person limit and have NHS standard sanitisers available. Naturally, being a gallery, we do ask to refrain from touching work anyway.

Alternatively, you can check out Dominic’s range on our web shop and make sure to watch this space for classes at the Gallery…

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