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Step Five - Re-vitalise emotionally and visually with Tom Ang

Quiet, unstressed, open focus helps refresh the mind Pick a flower, preferably with quite complicated, intricate forms, such as rose, orchid, peony. Just one flower can be enough, more is OK. Place in good light, sit close so it takes up about the central third of your visual field and look at it. Look at its every detail, almost as if you’re trying to memorise it all. Like it’s 'the Last Flower' on the planet. Follow the edge of each petal, see how it blends into the edge of the next petal, then follow that edge.

See how the colours shade off - some in contrast, some blending. Five minutes or until bored. Repeat next day. See how flower has changed. Follow changes in the flower day by day.

Photograph by Tom Ang from his ‘Homescapes' collection

(All photographs in this collection were made at home or in a small room.)

For further information about Tom Ang, his photography and his books please visit

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