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Step Ten - Re-vitalise emotionally and visually with Tom Ang

Eat to nourish

There are other methods and training that strengthen you physically through working internally on your energies. These are simple exercises - proven over thousands of years - that call for minimal skill to learn, can be practised at different levels which are all beneficial. What they do is work on your mental and spiritual dimensions which power all your creativity. The stronger you are internally, the easier and more powerfully you can create.

I have assembled exercises which I have found really valuable in my life and work. You need only find just two or three that work for you to make a huge difference to your life, as they have for me.

Enjoy, create and live.

Photograph by Tom Ang from his ‘Homescapes' collection

(All photographs in this collection were made at home or in a small room).

For further information about Tom Ang, his photography and his books please visit

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