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Step Three - Re-vitalise emotionally and visually with Tom Ang

Watch and listen to clear running water to rejuvenate the brain

A stream, or brook in mountain is perfect. But if you can’t reach one, check out a local park for a fountain. Failing that, even water dribbling from a tap or shower is a substitute that is a lot better than nothing. OK, I grant you might look a bit nutty staring at a dribbling tap, but try it: it’s amazingly soothing, calming thing to do.

Look at the shimmer of light. Watch how the drops form, then fall. Listen to the sounds they make how musical yet irregular they are. Relate the sound to what you see: the sound of the drip preceding the next drop that is steadily forming and wobbling before dropping.

You could point a light at it from the side to increase the sparkle in the flow. Alternatively watch the water flow in bright light, so the water sparkles. Watch for three minutes, extending to ten with practice. Watch and listen, let eyes lose focus. Just absorb, empty, receive, open up.

Flowers - by Tom Ang from his ‘Homescapes' collection

(All photographs in this collection were made at home or in a small room.)

For further information about Tom Ang, his photography and his books please visit

If you follow Tom’s blog and put the ideas into practice, please feel free to share your thoughts or photos that you are inspired to create, with us and we will share them with Tom and on The Mill Tye Gallery Facebook page to help inspire others.

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