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The stages of printing ‘A time for everything’ by Max Angus

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

'A few years ago, I had started to sketch a composition of common snipes at Titchwell and at Cley. Even though I really liked the

drawings, I didn’t feel as though I would be able to capture sufficient details using the lino cutting methods. I decided to try one of the Japanese woodcutting techniques and ’Time for everything’ is my first.

There was much learning and a return to traditional oil relief inks for all the layers. I used lino blocks for the first three blocks with the main top layer using a Japanese wood block. The common snipe was sketched eventually at The Sandwich Bay Reserve in Kent as we had a lockdown and they were showing well. As a nod to the original idea, I returned to Titchwell, Norfolk for the background.’

The wood block and the first inking.

Various stages of printmaking and proofing.

See Max Angus printing in her studio...

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