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 about our tutors...  

Our programme of one day workshops, classes and short courses offers the opportunity to explore a range of subjects, led by expert tutors, professional photographers and practising artists.
Photography with
Jackie Mellor

Jackie grew up on the Essex Suffolk Boarder and then moved away to Study Fine Art, specialising in photography and the moving image at Staffordshire University. She spent 17 years in the North West of England working as a freelance photographic artist, arts educator and worked for many years with artists

in Art Galleries where her job involved engaging people of

all ages in creative projects in photography and the arts. 


Jackie started her photography business in 2012, when she

moved back to the area and now specialises in telling stories and making memories with her customers. Her approach is all about connecting and collaborating with the people that she photographs or with her surroundings, taking time to notice

and reflect on moments that often go un-noticed to create compelling images that will stand the test of time.  


Jackie’s portfolio includes wedding photography, children

and family portraits, events and working with businesses to create images for marketing and social media. She also has

a teaching qualification and runs photography courses to

share her love of photography and enable others to enjoy it

as a hobby or to further their interest. Her friendly,

hands-on approach to teaching, make her lessons fun and engaging and she aims to ensure that everyone goes away

feeling inspired with the tools they need to get started

and take their photography skills to the next level.


Jackie enjoys photography projects where is able to collaborate with artists and is currently documenting an obscure Dance Floor Jazz club event in London on a regular bases, working towards a book publication and touring exhibition.  

Fine Art with 
Wendy J. Allen

Wendy J. Allen, MA is a local artist painting in acrylics, oils and pastels. She is also a print-maker and book-artist. Her preferred style tends towards abstraction and she loves colour! She teaches regularly at Mill Tye Gallery and has exhibited in the UK and Europe.  

Printing with Evelyn Polk

Originally from Wiltshire, Evelyn has been living in East Anglia now for over 32 years. Making art has always been an intrinsic part of who she is. Evelyn graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with a first class honours degree in Fine Art/Printmaking. She has exhibited in numerous galleries across the UK and her teaching experience includes thirteen years of Art & Design, Photography and Textiles at a local secondary school. 


Evelyn's work is centred around the found object, but this also overlaps with notions of excavation and the land. Acting like a mediator, selecting and presenting items for the consideration of the viewer. The process of how she works is dictated by the objects she finds and this is where she finds inspiration and the journey of creating. Printmaking is a strong factor in her work where she pushes the boundaries to a new level, a refreshing approach as it is often thought to be a very traditional medium. This discipline is often collaged and mixed with painting/drawing/sewing/assemblage. The desire to truly understand our relationship with objects through a cross disciplinary approach is her focus as an artist.

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