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 Dan Pearce 

Dan Pearce has had a passion for piers ever since he discovered Brighton's West Pier in 1972. He loved the decaying ironwork, the fragility, the endurance and was heartbroken when it finally succumbed to fire and nature's wrath despite a national campaign to save this unique structure, once described as Eugenius Birch's masterpiece. Birch was also the architect of Hastings Pier although the original pavilions were destroyed by fire in 1917.

Dan moved to Hastings from Umbria in 2014, the pier on its knees after the devastating fire in 2010 and the storm damage four years later. It was the first thing he registered on arrival that sunny March evening when the tide was at its lowest, revealing the entire battered skeleton in all its poignancy.

Two years later after much work on the sea and in the studio, Hastings Pier rose triumphantly from the ashes and Dan celebrated it with these images of its dramatic past.

We are pleased to offer for sale three of his prints from this period.

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