Dominic Upson 

Dominic Upson is a potter living and working on a small family run Apple farm in Suffolk. He has spent the previous 6 year living and working in London, three years studying at Central Saint Martins, BA Ceramic design and after he graduated, he worked at Turning Earth, an open access pottery studio in East London. After 3 years of working there, he decided that he wanted to push myself in the direction of a studio pottery. Lisa Hammond was looking for an apprentice, so he applied and was chosen to join her studio at Maze Hill Pottery. It was great achievement for Dominic as he learnt so much in such a short space of time; from production throwing the Maze Hill standard range, making mugs with a slight curve in, hakam brush work and getting a higher quality out of making. He also learnt soda firing and reduction firing.

The main inspiration for his work comes from old English country pottery. Simple objects that were used in day to day life and made in quantity. The decoration he uses is simple and is indicative of slipware potters, using dark red slip banded around the pot. His focus has been to make pots that feel comfortable in the hand and that are beautiful to use. 

Alongside Dominic’s functional work he makes geometric hand-built vases, by coiling and slabbing them up and getting the edges as sharp and as straight as he can. Hand-building is such a minimal and tactile proses, something that allows him to slow down, putting more consideration on the pot as he makes it. 

Watch Dominic as he throws a big jar in his studio...

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