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 Kieran Page 

Kieran Page is an exciting young talent. A graphic designer by day, Kieran creativity continues into the evening where he channels his thoughts and feelings into works of inventive art. He loves to experiment with bold colours, ideas and let’s his imagination run free.  Best known for his various murals around ipswich he’s painted everything from pub and cafe walls the a Elmer Elephant sculpture completed for St Elizabeth Hospice.


Artwork will always starts with

a paint pen. Although Kieran invests a lot of time exploring ever-changing digital mediums, with a lot of art being created

on an iPad Pro, for an

alternative effect. 


Kieran: “I’ve always been influenced by the way we channel thoughts and feelings into art.

Of late i’ve been combining that with my passion for the natural world, giving some of the worlds more obscure and endangered 

species the limelight.”


Catch up with Kieran on our blog pages ...
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