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An appreciation of the aesthetics of street photography from the unique perspective of Dan Sceats.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Having spent a lot of my life exploring music and performing as a drummer, I have in the past four years become consumed by photography which has given me a new outlet for my creativity. I enjoy capturing images that tell a story and spotting compositions that leave interpretation to the viewer in a way that opens imagination. I explore various themes, from the recent covid prohibition signs, to looking at how the pedestrian has become squeezed out and marginalised in favour of the car.

My recent set of street images taken over the last year combines reflections that reveal a perspective beyond the mundane windows of the closed-down shops in our dying towns, and a look at how figures interact with architecture to form unique cityscapes.

Inspired by the works of American photographer Saul Leiter, I look for colours and compositions that are all around me and I try to extract these to create pleasing images.

Dan is joining Jackie Mellor to run a workshop at the Mill Tye Gallery on Thursday 20th October 2022. This challenging and inspiring workshop will stretch your imagination, develop your skills and boost your confidence.

To book your place, go to...

All Photographs by Dan Sceats.

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