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‘Dreamscapes' - Creative Portraiture Workshop

‘Dreamscapes' - Creative Portraiture Workshop with MAV DUO:

Where Soulmates Meet Music


On Tuesday 9th of July 2024, the Mill Tye Gallery will host a unique photography workshop in collaboration with MAV DUO, featuring the Latin American couple, harpist Oscar and cellist Alejandra.

Alejandra and Oscar blend their rich heritage with British artistry in their music. Sponsored by the Arts Council of England, they offer performances that transport listeners through serene landscapes. With Oscar's harp and Alejandra's soulful cello, each piece is a meticulously crafted musical journey.


Both professional musicians have master's degrees and MAV DUO have performed together for over a decade, captivating audiences worldwide, including at prestigious venues such as the Opera House in St. Petersburg and the Museu de Cultures del Món in Barcelona, Spain. Ever evolving like the mythical phoenix, they continuously present fresh, captivating experiences.


This unique photography workshop will guide participants through working on a ‘live brief’ to create imagery inspired by the theme of ‘dreamscapes’ in response to the couples love story and musical journey.


For further information about the MAV DUO go to:


To book your place on this unique workshop go to BOOK NOW

or visit the gallery shop and book in person.

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