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Jonathan Boreham - A Soundscape inspired by Thirza Kotzen’s Skyhigh exhibition.

Having discovered abstract art at upper school and subsequently being introduced to music production by my brother-in-law I felt that I could do an audio equivalent of the art that I loved. I have also been inspired by the futurist and Dadaist approaches to art and after seeing the pictures in Thirza Kotzen's Skyhigh exhibition I was inspired to reinterpret them in sound. Going back to the basics I began with getting some recordings of trees from my library as well as photographs of trees converted into sound and loaded into my sampler for futher processing. The colours in the leaves are represented by the synth pads and bells. This has been a great project to work on giving me a chance to visualise the interplay between colour and sound, and to be present in a very inspiring space.

While viewing the exhibition at the Mill Tye Gallery and listening to my soundscape, it will take you on a journey of discovery around an acoustic landscape and the ‘Space Between’.


Jonathan Boreham is a locally based sound artist and sound designer using found sounds and synthesizers to create improvisations and soundscapes inspired by art exhibitions and the natural world. He is influenced by the futurist and dadaism approaches to art.

Have you had chance to get to see Thirza Kotzen’s exhibition Skyhigh ...and the space between?

The exhibition is on display at Mill Tye Gallery until Sunday 12th May at 4pm.

Free Admission.

Set by the idyllic River Stour in Great Cornard, just outside the centre of the historic market town of Sudbury, Mill Tye Gallery and Arts Centre is located in a historic mill building in the heart of Gainsborough territory, and has spectacular views across the river Stour to the water meadows beyond. On the ‘Gainsborough Trail’ from Sudbury, it offers a unique destination to be enjoyed by art lovers and visitors alike.

Mill Tye Gallery and Arts Centre is located at 3 Cornard Mills, Mill Tye, Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 0GW.

Visitors to the gallery will find free parking is available in the car park located before the level crossing.

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