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Step Nine - Re-vitalise emotionally and visually with Tom Ang

Sleep enough

No joke! In today’s hectic life, full of distractions it’s all too easy to delay getting to bed. How many times have you delayed shutting down because you’ve been checking your Facebook account, or watching the news or something on YouTube? Did you wait until the next track, then the next track of music is over? All these delays and minuscule struggles - so small you hardly notice there’s a struggle going on - are actually interfering with your ability to concentrate and to wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Besides, it’s also known that trying to go straight to sleep from reading a monitor or TV screen leads to a lower quality sleep than if you read a book, then go to sleep. So, at least give your eyes a rest from the screen before you get to bed.

The key point is that when you have enjoyed a good night’s sleep, you’re in a good position to enjoy a good day’s creation: you feel alive, awake and raring to go. You need energy - the internal sort, in your soul and spirit - to observe, to see clearly and to create.

Photograph by Tom Ang from his ‘Homescapes' collection

(All photographs in this collection were made at home or in a small room.)

For further information about Tom Ang, his photography and his books please visit

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