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 Ted Dunmow  

Ted Dunmow was born in Essex and lived there until moving to Sudbury thirty years ago. He worked in mechanical engineering until taking early retirement when he obtained a lathe and taught himself woodturning and other related woodworking skills. The pieces that he makes these days are far removed from those early attempts with the woodturning now being a lesser part of the finished items, but much attention still being paid to the form and proportion of the work.

More time is now spent on the colouring of the pieces which Ted has developed his own style and methods of application using spirit dyes, acrylic paints and metallic finishes. Once the colouring is completed the pieces are coated with finishing oil or clear lacquer before going through a burnishing and polishing process to achieve the final lustre. Most of the timber Ted uses is from British Native Trees, but a small amount of exotic hardwoods are sometimes incorporated and these are all obtained from sustainable sources.

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