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 Thirza Kotzen  

Thirza Kotzen is a landscape artist. She is drawn to places that take her breath away. Not always the grandest panoramas or the highest peaks, but the configuration of forms, shapes, colours, detail and movement that compel her to paint. She is inspired by places that feed her dreams, that awaken memories, and remind her that she was born in Africa.


Thirza's work tells of a journey that has brought her to a contemporary place where landscape is not a vista, but a powerful interpretation of a personal view. It is an incredible language. It is infinite, always teaching her new things about herself and her relationship with the world. It stimulates in Thirza in an awareness of the sacredness found in the moment and in the place.


Thirza continues to make work that expands one’s experience of the minutiae of nature as well as its enormity. It is exquisitely detailed. Her work embraces a world that shimmers with poetry, colour, light and dimension.


Thirza’s exhibition 'Skyhigh' ... and the space between can be seen at the Mill Tye Gallery until Sunday 12th May 2024. Her Collagraph prints are available to purchase from the gallery gift shop.


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