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Val Burnett talks to Jackie Mellor CO10 Collective Exhibition

Val Burnett talks to Jackie Mellor

Val was born in England and emigrated when she was 13 to Australia.

She returned to the UK as an adult and taught for many years at All Saints Middle School in Sudbury. She continued to create her own artwork whilst teaching, including a variety of mediums, such as textiles and ceramics and for the last eight years has been exploring Silver Jewellery techniques.

Val was asked to join the CO10 collective late last year and was inspired by her days in Australia to create a new collection with an Australian / Aboriginal theme.

Her collection includes semi-precious cabochons which are pre-shaped and polished then set into sterling silver hand crafted mounts.

Val selects the colour shape and patterns of the cabochons because they evoke memories of Australia. A new material that she has discovered is Fordite, which is made up of solidified layers of spray paint excavated from Ford Car factories originating from the 1930’s in the United States.

Example of Fordite Jewellery

Visit the CO10 Collective Exhibition at Mill Tye Gallery until 27th May.

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