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Eleven artists’ studios to visit within walking distance of the Market Hill.

The Sudbury Artists’ Art Trail is unique; there are few other places where a gentle stroll can take you to eleven artists’ studios.

On the weekend of 11/12 June, from 10.30 to 5pm, you can do just that, when Suffolk Open Studios holds their annual event. This year there’s an added attraction, too: several pieces of artwork have been offered to raffle, with the proceeds going to the Red Cross for victims of the war in Ukraine.

1. Anne Lowe 2. C’Art Group 3. Caryn Noad 4. Cathy D’Arcy 5. Ilona Johnson 7. Judith Glover 8. Kate Perkins 9. Lorna Hoey 10. Lupe Cunha 11. Mill Tye Gallery with artist and maker Terry Flower 12. Peter Day.

There will be maps of the Trail available from the Tourist Information Centre, Mill Tye Gallery and from many of the shops in Sudbury. There is no particular order; you can follow the trail in any direction.

There are new artists and lots of new work amongst your favourites, so here is a taste of what you can expect to see. There’s semi-abstract painting from Anne Lowe, with some of her work based on a recent trip to Scandinavia; and amazingly detailed artworks from Caryn Noad, who is influenced by her local surroundings and her love of travel.

Peer support group C’Art will be showing a variety of paintings and decorative objects where experimentation and spontaneity are the key.

Ceramicist Cathy D’Arcy says her inspiration ‘comes from the clay’ and she never knows quite what will appear: sometimes it will be her quirky figurines. Plants, flowers and the human face are favoured subjects for Judith Glover who works in oils, pastels and watercolour. Ilona Johnson works in a variety of media, among them collage and photography, to create her paintings and drawings. Kate Perkins has taken recent inspiration from a Japanese screen she has been working to restore: while Lorna Hoey is showing acrylic semi-abstract paintings alongside her miniature landscapes. Brazilian Lupe Cunha is inspired by the colours of home, and ‘embraces the freedom of pure abstract work’. Peter Day of Rain-E-Days makes metal garden sculptures, sometimes introducing natural stone or wood to support his pieces.

Lastly, there is the Mill Tye Gallery which specialises in contemporary art and will be showing work by Terry Flower, celebrating the beauty of the Suffolk countryside and the river Stour. Visit the gallery from Sudbury via the 'River walk' or 'Gainsborough Trail'.

Something for everyone, in fact, on an easily-accessed trail around our lovely town, and not to be missed!


©Lorna E Hoey 2022

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