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Little Shade

It was one of those hard long winters with snow or frozen ground for weeks on end. This female Green Woodpecker would visit the garden around 8:30 each morning and stay for around 40 mins. The lawn just outside the studio next to the hedge seemed to be its favourite place. In the lea of the hedge, the woodpecker would search and scratch the ground looking for food. With such reliable timekeeping it was easy to set up the sketchbook while sitting next to the French doors. Sketchbook, pencils and a cup of coffee. Not all sketching of wildlife is this comfortable!

The image was included in the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) Art Book One. The SWLA Art Book One with forward by Chris Packham, lists the members of the art society at that date.

Max Angus SWLA

Barn Tye Studios

'Little Shade' Lino-cut print by printmaker Max Angus is

available to purchase from the Mill Tye Gallery. P.O.A.

Little Shade

4 Block Lino-cut print.

Edition size: 45 - Last print available.

Image size: 15 x 21cm.

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