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Looking out for you.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The image is a four block linocut. Beloved Saint Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent. When Kessie dog was much younger, we would visit the fields and woods near the cliffs at St Margarets. Most times when I would see a fleeting glimpse of the foxes, it would be unexpectedly and when out walking. I was never with the sketchbook when I would see them. It did take some time to catch the right moment. I would take my sketchbook and sit in the car waiting and waiting. It took months before I had sufficient sketches to work with.

On social media, a comment was passed ‘Why not just copy from a book or online pictures? Why not put your time to better use?’ Apart from copyright laws of unauthorised use of other people’s images, it’s seeing how animals or birds move that help with the composition back in the studio.

There’s small details in seeing them move. Seeing them in that location. How do they stand? I may not have all the details, but black and white sketches from those days helped me recall other details. I may have sketched from the car, but I also saw them at other locations with more charisma than the carpark.

This image is one of the images in a new book by Mascot Media ‘Beauty of the beast’ released in winter 2022.

Max Angus SWLA

Barn Tye Studios

'Looking out for you' Lino-cut print by Max Angus is available to purchase from the Mill Tye Gallery.

Looking out for you

4 Block Lino-cut print

Edition size: 45 - Gallery print 43/45 - Framed

Image size: 45 x 37cm

Printed on St Cuthbert Mill’s Somerset paper, white 250gsm.

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