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Potter: Dominic Upson



Dominic Upson produces functional hand-crafted pieces that are thrown and finished by hand in his studio in Suffolk, to suit an array of modern tableware needs.


The main inspiration for Dominic’s work comes from old English country pottery. Simple objects that were used in day to day life. The decoration he uses is simple and is indicative of slipware potters, using dark red slip banded around the pot. His focus has been to make pots that feel comfortable in the hand and that are beautiful to use.

Dominic Upson Blue Mini Moon Jars

  • Mini Moon Jars

    Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, expect slight variation in the appearance of each unique piece.


    Sold individually.


    Content and Care:

    - Ceramic
    - Hand wash.


    - Assorted - Blue


    Approximate dimensions: 7cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D.
    All sizes are approximate and may vary.


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