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Imogen’s work is based around the idea of discovery, digging into hidden secrets and researching forgotten places. By only revealing so much, Imogen's art is full of mystery and uncertainty and is able to keep untouchable secrets. Her vision is to allow the viewer to observe her discoveries as they unfold and to have them question what they're looking at.


The book, Rings of Saturn, was key for Imogen and it's where her research of Orford Ness all began. There is a particular quote that Imogen was always drawn to while photographing the island, which describes the raw feeling of walking around Orford Ness so poetically


"It was as if I were passing through an undiscovered country, and I still remember that I felt, at the same time, both utterly liberated and deeply despondent. With each step that I took, the emptiness within and the emptiness without grew ever greater and the silence more profound."   - W. G. Sebald    


Imogen's research focuses on finding places that not many people know about or have seen. These forgotten places, whether forgotten out of choice or lost in history, are full of unanswered questions: from falling down labs to pieces of rubble scattered around the island, even the eerie feeling of the presence of workers still walking beside you. This small stretch of land, consumed by nature, creates a feeling like no other.


Imogen would like the audience to explore the mysteries and discoveries through her photography and to leave fascinated and intrigued by this alienated, abandoned, and once so significant place called Orford Ness.

Orford Ness Old Sign Post (8289)

SKU: IMG/F8289
  • All of the photographs in this series are digital pigment prints on 7P Tecco Enhanced Matte Paper, DIN A2, 192g/m² premium paper. Produced to order only through the Mill Tye Gallery and individually signed and numbered by Imogen Candler.

    The Orford Ness 'Old Sign Post' is an Artist Proof (A/P). One of a series of one-off small prints produced as tests before the large prints were produced.

    Frame size: 325 W x 425 H mm

    Image size: 220 W x 300 H mm

    Please allow at least two weeks for your framed print to be dispatched.

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